Sunday, March 2, 2014

March Currently

I'm linking up with Farley for her March currently.  You should check out her new blog design - it's so cute!

I just woke up. Actually, I was woken up by the dog, so there's not really any sound going yet besides the computer. And it's actually stopped making noise now that it's awake.

I'm loving the new layout I made for my personal blog. It's simple with anchors and glitter and fits my personality so well! Click the picture below to see it. :)

I have so much to do today. I want to get my apartment back in some sort of decent appearance. I'm in the middle of a massive organization spree - that means I've torn apart different areas and will put it all back together neatly. I'm also getting rid of my massive desk so I'm having to figure out how to better organize my office supplies without a desk. Any thoughts or ideas?

This connects with my thinking. I really want a more organized apartment. I should be moving later this year and I think it'll be easier and less stressful with things organized. I figure that if I start now, I'll have it under control by the time a move comes into the picture.

In order to accomplish all the crazy things I come up with, I would love more time. It seems like there's never enough time in the weekend (or the day) to get everything accomplished that I'd like to.

I didn't know what to put here, so I felt !!!!!!!!!! was fitting.

Happy March everyone!


  1. It was fun finding and reading your blog through the Currently linky party! (And I also found the "Peek at my Week" linky party...think I may have to link up to that one in the future!) Thanks for the fun read!

  2. First of all...PIRATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love pirates! :) It's my classroom theme! :) So fun! :) When you figure out how to manage time...would you post on it...because seriously...I feel the exact. same. way. :( Sigh. Just all these ideas and so little time to do all the things I'm constantly thinking! :) Good luck on the apartment organization! :) That would totally make a great summertime post!! :) I'd love to see the 'new look'! ;)
    Thanks for sharing your March musings with us all! ;)