Saturday, August 24, 2013

Room Reveal!


I have so many things I want to blog about, but I feel a room reveal is in order first! My room and I survived the first week of school so I'm excited to share some pictures!

This is the before shot:

Our writing center. I will blog more about this and how I utilize it when we've started our center rotation. I decided to put it under the back bulletin board so that I can display student writing in the center, which is what will be on this board. Above it is my treasure map that shows the writing process.

This is the computer area - which will also be used for centers. I used dots on this bulletin board, which will soon show snapshots of our "First Grade Crew."  You can see my homemade bulletin board in the background. It's above my desk and I love the way it looks.

These little ducks added a little fun to our computers!

Our behavior chart found a new spot in the room. I figured it needed to be lower for my lovely firsties so I found a spot where it would hang lower. So far, it's working well!

Sign In table for Meet the Teacher night. I used my teacher table for this.

One of the crafty ships around the room. This project involved Dollar Tree bins, dowel rods, hot glue, and scrapbook paper. They turned out cute. :)  The inspiration for these came from the Schoolgirl Style website.
These were set up to show where their seats would be. I also included pens on the table for Meet the Teacher night because I always have them fill out an information form at Meet the Teacher. 

The updated book bins are in the cubbies! Don't they look great?

Our fish! He still needs a name. :)

Although I do have suggestions from Meet the Teacher night.
Some very interesting names...
 Cupcakes to go were a huge hit at Meet the Teacher night!
 A view of the whole room. :)

My number line finally put together and on the wall. You can find this product in my TPT store.

A view of our whole group meeting area.

Our birthday cupcakes. Coming soon to my TPT store!

I took an old bulletin board that was sitting in the classroom and transformed it into this:

Meet Mischief, our classroom helper:

And Anchor, our travelling buddy:

And Punctuation the Parrot - our writing helper:

The clips are stored in a ship and each morning, the students come in and put them on the chart themselves. It is taking a little while to get into this routine.

Their nametags were stored ready to find the tables. (I let them pick seats the first two days. Then, I started picking their seats - based off of what I noticed the first two days!)

Book bins were waiting for them to look at on the first day. They found morning work on their tables the second day.

A revamped mailbox. This was originally a small Valentine mailbox featuring Elmo. Now, it fits in much better!

 On the second day of school, one of my lovelies from last year found me, gave me a huge hug, and then handed me this HUGE shell. I almost cried.

She was delighted when she visited on the third day and I had the shell sitting on my desk:

 Well, that's the pictures I have to share for now! I'll have to get shots of the hallways display this week and share those. :)  I'm loving my room. It's gotten so many compliments, including one teacher that said it looks like a mini apartment in there!

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