Saturday, September 28, 2013

What Exciting Lives We Lead

This week I realized that this Saturday (as in today) would be my only free weekend day with no plans for the next month. When I told this to someone, they asked what I planned to do with it. My response: make teaching things. (In my defense, I will be out for three days in October and I'm trying to get prepared.)

I thought I was weird - taking my one free day and spending it on work. Then, I looked at my Facebook page and saw statuses such as "Loading apps onto the kindle for my students." and "Cutting out lamination." I quickly realized that I wasn't the only teacher spending a Saturday night doing work.

I wonder - why are we so willing to bring our work home with us and even do it on the best day of the weekend?  I have no remorse about how I've spent my day. I've worked on a monster-themed base ten packet, watched a couple of movies, and even taken a bubble bath. Bottom line is, I still did work on my day off. I'm curious - how guilty are you of doing work on your days off?

And now onto a linky...
Last week was very busy. I started organizing things in my classroom and working on plans for the upcoming weeks. I will be taking a Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off for some personal stuff. I thought I was getting ahead by thinking about sub plans. Then it dawned on me that I needed plans for the week after as well because my plane will be getting back in town late on Sunday. So, my feeling good about things quickly turned to panic. A little organization and a very happy Friday with my kids has helped my panic subside.  I'll share some photos of my organization adventures later this week. I am quite happy with how things are turning out!
Finishing up my fall packet certainly helped my panic as well. This packet has printable center games and activities related to fall. All items are common core aligned with the standard on the instruction cards!
Next week holds more sub prep and a baby shower for my sister. I'm sure to be a busy little bee in the evenings as I prep for both. I also hope to have my monster packet finished and uploaded by Friday!
Speaking of being out...would anyone be willing to write a guest post or two for those days that I am out?  If so, please email me at!


  1. I seem to work every day of the week, although my goal is to NOT work on the weekends. Sometimes that happens and sometimes I need to work to help make the upcoming week less stressful so I can enjoy those nights.

    Thanks for linking up! Safe travels!!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  2. I try to use Saturday to clean, run errands, do laundry, yard work... However, I always seem to manage to squeeze in some school work, even though Sunday is supposed to set aside for "weekend school work". It's a good thing that teachers are so passionate about their work. Loving what we do sure helps coping with the fact that we are never "done".

    Have a great week!

    Fit to be Fourth
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