Monday, August 5, 2013

Happy Dance!

I was able to go visit my classroom today. I've been itching to get up there all summer but I had to wait until carpets were done. I have brand new carpets in my new room and I'm really excited to get the year started!

This is what I walked into today:

That is called a mess in the  middle of the room. There was boxes and furniture everywhere from where they moved stuff in and out of classrooms this summer. In truth, it was a bit overwhelming.

By the end of the day, it looked more like this:


I know it still looks like a giant mess, but there was a lot of progress made today by my wonderful dad and me. We got all of the furniture in place. I discovered that I must be a minimalist when it comes to furniture. At the end of our morning up there, I had two tables, one filing cabinet, and three bookshelves that I didn't want. I let our secretary know so that she can redistribute them to teachers that can use them! We also got the cabinets wiped out. By the end of the morning, the room smelled of Pine Sol and I was starting to wrap my head around what to do next. I'm excited to get up there tomorrow and put stuff away so that I can make the room cute!
I went to visit my mailbox while I was there and was delighted to find this little surprise waiting for me!
Isn't this the most precious thing? It's a glass paperweight about the size of my hand that is personalized. One of my students from last year left it for me. (His name has been blurred, but it's etched inside the heart.)  I just love the quote on it - "The best teachers teach from the heart." I can't wait to get a thank you card to the family. This made my day today. :)
**Monday Made It will be coming tomorrow because I do not have pictures floating around of things to share right now!

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