Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ten Pin Linky

I found another linky that I just HAD to join today! Why did I have to join it? Well, it's all about pins...and I definitely love Pinterest! This one is the Ten Pin Linky hosted by Just Reed. For this linky, you share ten of your favorite pins on a given topic. This week's topic: Classroom Management!  Something that there's plenty of ideas on my pin boards for! Now, just to choose my top ten!

Pin #1
This pin is one of cute classroom norms! I think it'd be awesome to establish norms or rules and display them in such a cute way! Of course, the colors would need to be red, black, and white to match my theme. 

Pin #2
This pin looks at assigning different levels to prizes. This could be fun and incorporated with my points system I used last year! (More on that in another post!)

Pin #3
I like this pin because it shows where students are at any given time. I used a similar system this year and loved it! Mine wasn't as cute though. I think this is going on the school to-do list for my classroom this year!

Pin #4

I loved my early finisher options that I used this year. (More on that later too!) Second graders were able to remember their options. However, I'm thinking something more visual like this pin might be nice. Oh no! Another project for the list...


Pin #5
I love ribbon! I love cute things! Teaching kids about kindness is really tricky. However, this "kindness wreath" might be just the thing!!

Pin #6
I love table points. Kids love table points. I love monkeys. Kids love monkeys. Why not combine the two??
Pin #7
I had to share this one because I used this system this past year and it worked great! The kids were better with it than I was! During small group time, students aren't allowed to interrupt. Instead, they bring their clip and set it in a designated spot to let you know they need something. When you have a moment, you look at the name on the clip and help them out. The best part? Four times out of five they have solved the problem themselves while you were busy!

Pin #8
I hate taking days off. Not only do I worry about what the kids are doing, I also hate making sub plans. The reason I hate making sub plans is I make them very easy to follow. (As in you open the smart board and it contains EVERYTHING you need, along with clickable links.) This year, I took 6 days at the end of the year...I stored everything on a CD as suggested in this pin (which is where I got the idea). I got the best compliments on my sub plans in her letter when I returned! (My sub was a former teacher, which made the compliment even sweeter!)

Pin #9
Part of classroom management is making it inviting and maximizing storage. The crate seats below are another item on my to do list. Oh dear, this list is getting long...

Pin #10
This one doesn't have much to do with management - however it does have to do with enthusiasm and environment. Those are a part of management. I fell in love with this pin and the idea when I saw it! I'm definitely thinking about using it for Meet the Teacher night! It's too cute!
 Well, there's my top ten! This was definitely a favorite linky! Looking forward to participating next week!

For those wondering about my kick-off giveaway, I'll be announcing the winners tomorrow! I spent today doing crafts with my teaching bestie so I didn't find the time to properly determine the winners!

Our monograms from our craft day today:


  1. I like Pin #3 and I keep spotting varying versions of it on Pinterest. BUT, I keep thinking the kiddos will move their magnet, but forget to re-place it when they return to the room. Maybe I'll give it a go.

    1. If you train them right in the beginning, they get really good at remembering or reminding each other. That was with second graders, I'm curious to see how it works with first graders this year. :)