Saturday, June 29, 2013

Ten Pin Linky!

Today I'm linking up with Just Reed for the Ten Pin Linky Party!! I just love pinning and sharing things! This week's theme is Math, so I've scoured my ~Math~ board for my favorites!

Pin 1

I played around with math rotations a little bit last year and the kids seemed to really enjoy them. I want to look into doing more with them this year. I'm not sure what system I'm going to use yet...

Pin 2

I love how basic and simple this calendar journal page is! I want to use or create something similar to this for my kiddos this year. Great way to save time on calendar by having them think about it ahead of time.

Pin 3
I want to put the minutes around the clock this year. I think it would be a great visual for my new first grade kiddos!

Pin 4

I love teaching Greater Than and Less Than using an alligator chomping analogy. These little guys would be great to create for a visual!

Pin 5

I sent this home with my students last year for practice. We practiced in the classroom first and they really seemed to enjoy it!

Pin 6

This would go so well with the classroom clock visual. This could be sent home for them to use at home for practice as well! Telling time is such a difficult thing for students to learn, especially since our society has become so digitized.

Pin 7

When learning math facts, I often suggest to parents to do an "I know" and "I need to learn" pile. I tell them to challenge their student to make the "I know" pile grow. This looks like a great adaptation of what I already use!

Pin 8

These are too cute. I think they would be awesome for a center when teaching and reviewing place value.

Pin 9

I found this one last year. I had some free time one day during math one day so I gave this a try (my kiddos had finished earlier than I predicted)! They were such hard workers this past year. My kids loved creating their own caterpillars.

Pin 10

This calendar board is organized so nicely! Last year, I did all of my calendar on the Smart Board, but I'm learning towards using a calendar board similar to this one this year. I thought this one was a great visual!
Well, that's my ten pins. I have a friend coming into town today, so I'm glad I got this all together before she arrived! Do you love pinning? Then link up over at Just Reed's and join in the fun!!

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