Saturday, November 30, 2013

Time to Bring Out the Elf!

Last year, I purchased an Elf on the Shelf after seeing so many great ideas on Pinterest!

Last year, I made things up as I went - it was a last minute purchase after all. I decided to go in armed with ideas this year!  So, after some Pinterest browsing, I've created a plan for the upcoming year!

Here's what I came up with. If you click on the picture, it'll take you to a PDF with links to my "Elf on the Shelf" Pinterest board and a free TPT activity I found.

Here's some shots of "Tiptoe" the elf from last year:

 He came in a box surrounded by "snow" from the North Pole with a letter from Santa.

He was waiting in the classroom for them after special area one day. I remember wondering if anyone was even going to point him out. They all came in, sat on the carpet, and no one said a word!

He left them a good morning message with our Scrabble Junior tiles.

He watched from the behavior chart.

He got into some copy room mischief one day and forgot to throw away the evidence!

He even thought he was a puppet!
My second graders really loved looking for him each day. I'm hoping my firsties get  just as excited this year!
I'll tell you about the advent calendar he brings in a post tomorrow. The kids enjoyed it as well. :)

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