Thursday, February 20, 2014

Shape Snowmen

We have been doing a shape unit for the past few weeks. I find shapes to be a lot of fun to teach. They lend themselves well to exploration and crafts. One of my favorite crafts from this unit came to me as I was diecutting shapes for the students to use for our writing center (where they were creating pictures out of shapes and writing about them).

I was standing there diecutting the shapes and wondering what else we could do with these shapes as I realized how many I had cut out. (Apparently I was on a roll!) I thought about the cold weather and the days out that we'd had and it came to me! We could make snowmen.

I hurried back to my classroom, whipped up a quick circle template for my firsties to trace. (Most things we do freehand for the originality it sparks but I felt a lesson on shapes deserved actual circles to trace.) Then, I put together a quick little recording sheet for them to fill in after making the craft. These little guys turned out way cuter than I could have imagined!

We had lots of fun with 3D shapes today! I'll share some of our adventures with those later this weekend!

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