Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Classroom Decorating Series - Hollywood

My first full year of teaching was in 2nd grade. I found out that I had the job the day that teachers went back to school. I was on my way to start a second year as a SPED assistant working with an awesome teacher. Instead, I found my way to my current school and 2nd grade. I had about 3 days to set up an entire classroom.

When I walked into the room, I found a colossal mess of papers and junk that had been left behind. It looked as though the previous teacher had just left behind anything and everything. I had no idea what to do with half of it, especially with Meet the Teacher night happening that very night!  Luckily, I always find the best help in my family, especially my mom and dad. In about 3 days, we took a mess and turned it into a workable classroom. (Unfortunately, it was not student ready for Meet the Teacher night, but the lovely ladies on my grade level helped me out by holding the night in the hallway. No one had to enter my "under construction" classroom.)

The front of the room. You can see the small Hollywood touches I made with the red pockets and popcorn holders.

The bulletin board in the classroom - all set up for the Hollywood theme. There were matching "Walk of Fame" stars on the door.

 My first year of teaching was when I discovered one of my favorite organizing methods - plastic Sterillite crates. I highly recommend them and I'm sure I'll blog again in the future about how I use them. :)

The reading corner. remember I was a first year teacher - I was pulling from everywhere for decorations. I did love this cute reading teddy bear even if he didn't fit in with a theme.

My first attempt at a writing station. This station has improved over time. I'm hoping to make this year's writing station the best yet!
Not bad for 3 days worth of getting things ready, right?
Up Next: Jungle Theme

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