Thursday, July 18, 2013

Your First Year

It seems appropriate that I link up with Deb at Fabulously First to give advice to new teachers after just posting about my first classroom. The timing of this linky party just seems right!

This linky party focuses on advice you would give to a new teacher. I'm going to share my advice below and then head back to her original post and see if I can't find some advice for this coming year! After all, you are always learning and changing as a teacher! (Hey, that's good advice..I should've put that on this picture!)

1. Make new friends.
Don't be afraid to get out there and make friends with other teachers! It might take a little effort on your part and you may feel out of place at times, but it's important that you get to know who you work with. Believe me when I say the people you work with can make a big difference in your happiness!! (I say this from good and bad experiences.)

2. Don't be afraid to try new things.
Your first year you're going to hear a lot of suggestions and see a lot of things done different ways. This is the best year to try new things and to try out those suggestions. You're going to fail. Things aren't going to work. Don't get upset about it - instead look for ways to change it. There is always a way to improve things and sometimes it takes trial and error to get there.

3. Take time to get to know your students.
Eat lunch with them. Talk to them at recess (while still keeping a watchful eye on the others). Get to know them as people. It'll make teaching and managing the classroom much easier if you know who they are as a person.

4. Have fun!
Remember why you went into this profession and have fun with it. Take advantage of all of the moments that make you smile. Reflect on the things that make you cringe. Enjoy your first year! After all, you only have one "first" year of teaching.

Good luck!!!

Oh! And the winner of my pirate powerpoint template is Sarah @ Hoots N Hollers.  I'll be sending it your way. :)

Check back soon for another giveaway!

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